Membership at Roseland Free Public Library:

A. Resident Cards
Adult Cards: An adult resident card may be issued to any person living within the Borough of Roseland. Ninth grade students or over, qualify for an adult card. Cards are valid for five years after which re-registration is necessary.

Children's Cards: Children's cards are issued to children from age 4 through the eighth grade. The holder of a children's card has the same access to materials and services as the holder of an adult card with the exception of the loan of CD's and videotapes. Borrowers of these materials must be 18 years or older. ReBL privileges are restricted to holders of adult cards.

B. Non Resident Courtesy Cards
Non-residents who work FULLTIME in the Borough of Roseland (as proved by a letter from the employer on company letterhead) are eligible for a free personal courtesy card which is valid for two years after which re-registration is necessary. THIS CARD IS FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. IT IS NOT TRANSFERABLE TO ANYONE, INCLUDING OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS.

C. Non-Resident Taxpayers
Non-residents who pay real or personal property taxes to the Borough of Roseland (as evidenced by a tax receipt) are eligible for a library card at no cost. Membership must be renewed annually and each family member is entitled to a card.

D. Non-Resident Memberships
Memberships not covered by any of the above categories may be issued upon payment of a non-refundable annual fee. Non-residents are not eligible for BCCLS privileges. Household Membership $350.00, Senior Household Membership $125.00 (one member over 65/no children)

E. Non-Resident Non-Members
Non-resident non members may not participate in library programs and may not borrow library materials.

F. ReBL Privileges
ReBL cards will be issued by the patron's home library. The ReBL card is an individual card and may be used only by the person to whom it has been issued. Each ReBL card will have a number assigned by the home library. The libraries participating in ReBL sponsor their patrons in other libraries within the ReBL program and therefore each library determines its own policies as to who is eligible for a ReBL card.

Cards are issued from January 1 to December 31 or to an earlier expiration date, following library policy. A replacement card is issued at the home library for the same fee as that library's regular card.

If a patron has a courtesy or subscription card to a library and wishes to obtain a ReBL card, he or she must pay a fee equivalent to the highest subscription fee within the system. The current fee for a ReBL card is $100.00 The home library will keep these fees.

Inter-municipal agreements whereby residents of Essex County communities without library service are granted access to a participating library for less than 1/3 mil of equalized valuation are not recognized as valid for purposes of reciprocal borrowing under ReBL and patrons of those communities may not obtain ReBL cards.

Materials for loan at ReBL libraries are at the discretion of the lending library. Loan periods, fines renewals, and restrictions are all the prerogative of the lending library. Academic libraries participating in ReBL restrict lending to ReBL borrowers over 18 years of age.

G. Suspension of Library Membership
Any membership may be suspended when, in the judgment of the Library Director and/or the Board of Trustees, the privileges of membership have been abused. The grounds for suspension include, but are not limited to, excessive overdue fees, vandalism, theft of library property, and creating a disturbance. The suspension of library membership shall remain in effect as long as it is deemed advisable by the Library Director and/or the Board of Trustees.

Borrowing privileges will be suspended for all individuals residing at the same address when: $5.00 in fines has accumulated - or - materials are long overdue and have been billed. Fines must be paid in full; materials returned or replacement cost paid before privileges are reinstated.